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Portland, Oregon, medical malpractice and personal injury attorney James Huegli is a nationally recognized trial lawyer and advocate. In practice since 1972, he has recovered over $100 million for his clients. He also has lectured across the State of… Read More
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Rhett Fraser devotes his legal practice exclusively to helping people injured as a result of the negligence of others. Rhett believes that as attorneys we possess a unique opportunity to help make the lives of the people we represent better. Rhett ta… Read More
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Jason Cohen is a litigation attorney who practices plaintiff’s personal injury law. Specifically, Jason focuses his practice on medical malpractice, but he also takes on a wide array of other personal injury and wrongful death cases. Jason is passi… Read More


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Lisa Ross is the Senior Paralegal at Huegli Fraser PC. She has forty years of experience working in the legal field, with extensive experience in medical negligence and personal injury cases. Lisa grew up in Astoria and graduated from Mt. Hood Commun… Read More
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Jennifer Coy has been a paralegal with the firm since 2013. Jennifer graduated with an associate degree in Paralegal Studies from Portland Community College. Prior to joining the firm Jennifer worked as an intern at a family law firm and later as an… Read More
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Kaia was raised in Portland and attended college at the University of Oregon. She began her career in Albuquerque, New Mexico as a legal assistant with Gorence & Oliveros, PC, focusing primarily on civil litigation. Kaia brings valuable insight t… Read More

Notable Case Results

Helicopter sales representative flew helicopter, with prospective buyer, over Crater Lake. Sales rep flew too close to the water and experienced the “lake effect” and crashed the helicopter in to Crater Lake. Insurance company denied liability. Jury returned a verdict for $27 million dollars.
Insurance company failed to pay for damage to insured’s barn after it was damaged in a storm. Insurance company denied coverage. Jury held insurance company liable for bad faith and award $9 million in punitive damages.
Neurologist failed to properly diagnose a basilar pontine stroke and failed to refer patient to a higher level care facility such as a regional stroke center. Patient suffered a massive stroke causing severe disability and paralysis.

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