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Teacher and Boy with Cerebral Palsy Painting Together

Types of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy affects up to 4 out of 1000 children worldwide, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). It is the most common cause of childhood motor disabilities. When we talk about cerebral palsy, we tend to do so as if all CP is t… Read More
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A mother and physical therapist are helping a child with a physical disability work on his motor skills by sitting on an inflatable ball.

Cerebral Palsy 101

One of the topics we are most often asked about is cerebral palsy, so we’re presenting “Cerebral Palsy 101” as an overview of the disorder. This neurological condition is the most common motor disability in childhood, according to the Centers f… Read More
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Sexually Abusive Doctor

Sexually Abusive Doctors in Oregon: How Well Are Patients Protected?

The state of California recently became the first in the nation to enact a law requiring doctors on probation for causing harm to patients to disclose that fact to patients before an appointment. Doctors on probation for causing harm by sexual miscon… Read More
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Mother with Newborn baby concerned about hydrocephalus

Is Your Baby's Head Normal? What You Should Know About Hydrocephalus

As a new parent, especially as a first-time parent, it’s natural to worry about things that don’t seem right with your child. Having the ability to Google any symptom your baby exhibits rarely does much to soothe anxiety. If your babyR… Read More
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Man Getting Dialysis

Medical Malpractice in Dialysis Cases

For patients with late-stage kidney disease, there is no doubt that kidney dialysis can be, quite literally, a lifesaver. Dialysis extends the life of many patients until they are able to receive a needed kidney transplant. And although the process o… Read More
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Woman Checking for Less-Common Signs of Breast Cancer

Less-Common Signs of Breast Cancer: Did Your Doctor Miss Them?

In recent decades, awareness of breast cancer has increased, thanks in part to “pink ribbon” campaigns, breast cancer walks, and other programs designed to alert women (and men) to the signs of breast cancer and options for treatment. Tre… Read More
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Doctors Overprescribing Oxycodone: Understand the Risks

As an ideal, medicine is a partnership: a patient brings their unique knowledge of their body and their symptoms; the doctor brings their training and experience in practice. With the information provided by the patient, the doctor’s observatio… Read More
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Scissors Cut $100 Bill - Are Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Awards Taxable?

Are Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Awards Taxable?

A question we sometimes hear when discussing the prospect of a medical malpractice lawsuit with a client is “Are medical malpractice lawsuit awards taxable?” It is an understandable concern, given that some awards or settlements are signi… Read More
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Teal Ovarian Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Did Your Doctor Miss the Signs of Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian cancer is sometimes referred to as a “silent killer,” as many of the symptoms are not obvious. For instance, if you felt a lump in your breast, you might immediately consult your doctor about the possibility of breast cancer. If you exper… Read More
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Child with cerebral palsy in physical therapy

Costs of Raising a Child with Cerebral Palsy

“Cerebral palsy” is something of an umbrella term that refers to neurological disorders affecting muscle tone and movement. These disorders are caused by damage to a baby’s brain as it develops; the damage may take place during preg… Read More
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