Birth Injuries

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What is Chorioamnionitis?

As anyone who has been pregnant knows, there are many things, large and small, that can go wrong with a pregnancy or birth. Fortunately, most pregnancies don’t involve serious complications, and many complications that do occur can be successfully… Read More
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What is Umbilical Cord Prolapse?

Umbilical cord prolapse is a complication that can occur during labor, either during delivery or just prior to delivery. The umbilical cord that has carried nutrients and oxygen to the baby throughout the pregnancy drops through the mother’s dilate… Read More
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When a Doctor’s Liabili…

When a Doctor’s Liability Isn’t Enough: The Importance of Damages

Medical malpractice is what lawyers call a “cause of action.” A cause of action is a set of facts that allow one person to bring a lawsuit against another. If you can establish these basic facts, your lawsuit can move forward. If one or more of t… Read More
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What is “Loss of Chance…

What is “Loss of Chance?”

Sometimes, a doctor’s negligent action (or lack of action) clearly leads to a worse result than would have occurred otherwise. If a patient goes into surgery to have his right leg amputated, and the doctor amputates the left leg instead, that is cl… Read More
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What You Need to Know Abo…

What You Need to Know About Anesthesia Malpractice

If you think about it, modern anesthesia is something of a miracle. It makes available procedures that would otherwise be incredibly painful (like tooth extraction) or nearly impossible (like open heart surgery). Anesthesiologists are among the most… Read More
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What is Shoulder Dystocia?

The birth of a baby is a joyful time, and so many births go without incident that when there is a problem, joy is rapidly replaced with worry and distress. One such situation is shoulder dystocia. As the name suggests, shoulder dystocia happens when,… Read More
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New born baby boy resting in mothers arms.

What is Erb’s Palsy?

If you found this article by searching for Erb’s palsy online, it is likely that you are the parent of a newborn child who demonstrated some frightening symptoms and received an unfamiliar diagnosis. What is Erb’s palsy? What causes it, how is it… Read More
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