Notable Cases

$27 Million Jury Verdict for Innocent Victim of Helicopter Crash

Helicopter sales representative flew helicopter, with prospective buyer, over Crater Lake. Sales rep flew too close to the water and experienced the “lake effect” and crashed the helicopter in to Crater Lake. Insurance company denied liability. Jury returned a verdict for $27 million dollars.

$10 Million Jury Verdict Against Insurance Company Refused to Pay for Storm Damage

Insurance company failed to pay for damage to insured’s barn after it was damaged in a storm. Insurance company denied coverage. Jury held insurance company liable for bad faith and award $9 million in punitive damages.

$10 Million Settlement for Hospital Negligence Causing Brain Damage

Young man suffered brain damage and became quadriplegic due to hospital’s negligence in failing to monitor oxygen saturation.

$4.7 Million Jury Verdict Medical Malpractice

Misdiagnosis and failure to refer stroke patient to higher level facility.

$4.7 Million Jury Verdict After Neurologist Fails to Diagnose Stroke

Neurologist failed to properly diagnose a basilar pontine stroke and failed to refer patient to a higher level care facility such as a regional stroke center. Patient suffered a massive stroke causing severe disability and paralysis.

$4 Million Settlement for Quadriplegic Victim of Medical Malpractice

Doctor’s negligence resulted in patients quadriplegia.

$4 Million Settlement After Doctor Fails to Diagnose Heart Attack

Doctor failed to listen to his patient when she described chest pain and fatigue. He failed to order the necessary blood tests, including troponin. These tests would have indicated patient was having a heart attack and prevented the massive heart damage that occurred the following day.

$2.3 Million for Family of Father of 3 Killed in Car Accident

The auto accident killed a father of 3.

$2.1 Million for Family After Father of 4 is Attacked by Pitbulls

A father of four was killed by a two pitbulls while riding his bicycle down the street. These particular pitbulls were known to be aggressive and escape their back yard. They attacked and mauled the father to death.

$1.9 Million Jury Verdict for Patient Sexually Abused by Psychiatry Department Chair

Chairman of Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School sexually abused patient.

$1.8 Million for Patient Sexually Abused by Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist sexually abused patient.

$1.7 Million Jury Verdict for Sexual Abuse by Psychologist

Psychologist sexually abused patient.

$1.7 Million Settlement for Hospital Negligence

Hospital staff technician negligently injected contrast dye in to arm of patient.

$1.6 Million Settlement for Patient with Puncture Lung

Patient’s lung punctured by doctor who had been drinking that day.

$1.5 Million Settlement for Family of 10-Year-Old Intentionally Hit by Car

10 year old girl intentionally run over and killed by a 19 year old driver. The parents were held personally liable to negligent entrustment of their car to their son.

$1.4 Million for Victim of Sexual abuse by a Therapist

Young woman in therapy for emotional problems was sexually assaulted by her therapist, during therapy, resulting in severe emotional distress.

$1 Million for Family of Rodeo Star Killed by Oregon Drunk Driver

Rodeo star killed by drunk driver in Eastern Oregon. The bar who served the driver excessive amounts of alcohol was held liable.

$1 Million for Family of Student Killed After Fraternity Provided Alcohol

Fraternity provided alcohol at a party to members who then drove and crashed a van, killing one of the fraternity members.

$950,000 Dental Malpractice Settlement

Patient suffered catastrophic nerve injury to her mental nerve after oral surgery at OHSU. The attending surgeon failed to supervise his residents while performing a very complex surgical extraction of an ankylosed tooth. The extraction severed the mental nerve of the patient.

$700,000 Settlement for Boy Sexually Abused by Priest

Teenage boy sexually abused by Catholic Priest.

$550,000 Settlement for Woman Whose Partner Infected Her with an STD

A young woman contracted sexually transmitted disease, herpes, from partner who knew he had the disease and failed to disclose to his partner. The first such case in Oregon holding someone liable for having sexual relations with another person and failing to disclose they had a sexually transmittable disease.