Dental Implant Injuries

Dental implants can be a boon for many people, restoring function and improving appearance. For others, however, complications from dental implant procedures can cause a variety of serious injuries. Negligently performed dental implant procedures are a form of dental malpractice, and can lead to lost or unrestorable implants, nerve damage, pain, fractured jaws, damage to sinuses, and post-operative infections which can lead to death.

There are many ways in which a dentist can commit malpractice. He or she may fail to adequately inform the patient of the risks of the procedure or to do sufficient treatment planning; fail to assess whether the patient has enough bone to support implants; negligently place an implant where a nerve is located; fail to take reasonable measures to prevent infection, and more. Negligent placement of dental implants can also lead to the damage and loss of natural teeth.

No one should suffer serious or permanent injury due to a dental professional's negligence in a dental implant procedure. Like all areas of medicine, dentistry has acceptable standards of care. When a professional's conduct does not meet that standard, malpractice has occurred.

Dental Implant Injury Attorneys Serving Portland, Oregon and the Surrounding Regions

Because of the complexity of dental implant injury cases, most Oregon attorneys simply prefer not to accept them. Properly preparing a dental implant injury case for trial or successful settlement requires considerable resources and countless hours of investigation and planning. At Huegli Fraser PC, we are experienced in dealing with dental implant injury cases, and our skill allows us to prepare cases both effectively and efficiently.

We know that our clients who have been injured by dental implants or other dental malpractice are not trying to get rich quick; they're simply trying to get their lives back. We may not be able to restore their dental health, but we can help them recover damages for the injuries that were negligently inflicted on them. Our goal is to provide the legal advocacy they need, along with the personal support they deserve.

Huegli Fraser PC's attorneys have over 45 years' combined experience in medical malpractice law, including dental malpractice and dental implant injury. We have access to the most respected experts in the field, and their testimony helps juries find in our clients' favor. In the years our attorneys have been practicing, we have recovered over 100 million dollars for our clients.

To Huegli Fraser PC, our clients aren't case files; they're friends, neighbors, and members of our community. For this reason, it's important to us to focus on the people we're helping, and to empower them by involving them in the preparation of their legal matter. We define success by our clients' satisfaction with our service and the outcome of their cases.

Portland, Oregon Dental Implant Malpractice Attorneys

If a dental implant that was supposed to improve your life has caused you injury instead, dental malpractice may be to blame. Contact the knowledgeable Portland dental implant malpractice attorneys at Huegli Fraser PC. We will review the facts of your case with you, give you a straightforward analysis, and help you explore your options for recovery.

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