Failure to Diagnose Cancer

It's the diagnosis most people fear hearing above all others: cancer. Not a single disease, cancer appears in many ways, in many parts of the body, sometimes with pain, but often without. Diagnosing cancer can be tricky, as many less serious conditions present with the same or similar symptoms. Often a conclusive diagnosis can only take place after a period of ruling out other possibilities.

No one wants to hear a diagnosis of cancer, of course, but if you do have cancer, time is of the essence. The earlier most cancers are caught, the more options there may be for treatment, and the greater the likelihood of a good outcome.

Failure to diagnose cancer does not always constitute malpractice. But when a doctor fails to diagnose in a situation in which reasonably competent doctors should be able to make a diagnosis, and the patient is harmed by this failure, medical malpractice has taken place. Huegli Fraser PC. can help.

Portland, Oregon Medical Malpractice Attorneys for Failure to Diagnose Cancer

Among medical malpractice cases, failure to diagnose cancer is one of the most challenging types. This is because it's not always obvious that a doctor breached a duty of care by failing to make a diagnosis earlier. If there is a failure, it's not always clear that the failure to diagnose sooner was a direct cause of harm.

Located in Portland, Huegli Fraser PC is one of few Oregon firms that accepts medical malpractice cases for failure to diagnose cancer. Our attorneys have the experience, resources, and relationships with top medical experts that enable them to thoroughly investigate and prepare these cases. Our record of success speaks for itself. Our attorneys have had a number of verdicts and settlements in excess of one million dollars, and in total, have recovered over 100 million dollars for clients.

At Huegli Fraser PC, we know that money is not at the heart of what our clients are seeking. They want their pain acknowledged, their families cared for, and to get back to living their lives. We are committed to helping them reach those goals.

Skilled Portland Medical Malpractice Attorneys

If you believe that you, or a loved one, has suffered injury from a doctor's failure to diagnose cancer, you need to act. Speak with the skilled and compassionate Portland medical malpractice attorneys of Huegli Fraser PC. We will offer you the information and guidance you want, and the compassion you deserve.

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